dog bark collar reviews Dog bark collar reviews

Dogtra Bark Collar YS500 review

Dogtra Bark Collar YS500 is a big brother of Dogtra YS300, which is designed for large hunting dogs, as many collars of the YS series. It has a large size and a heavyweight which is suitable only for dogs from 30 pounds. However a large size combines a powerful functionality to deter a dog from barking. A built has an excellent vibration sensor and rechargeable battery. This collar may seem cumbersome for owners, so you can choose a different collar for the same money.

Dogtra Bark Collar YS500 review

Bark sensor

The device has one a pad vibration sensor to detect a bark in the dog’s throat. Unlike the Dogtra YS 300 which has a sound sensor, a vibration sensor is more practical and effective. A vibration sensor is less likely to detect false alarm. A test is allowed by the scratch pad, I think is the first advantage. 

Dogtra Bark Collar YS500 review

Level of correction and mode

The collar has 7 level of correction to stop a dog from barking. Even a low level works well for dogs.  The device has one progressive mode to reduce or increase levels automatically according to a behavior of a dog. 


The second advantage of collar is the presence of a rechargeable battery. As many collars, the device has niMH battery which lasts 2 weeks then need to recharge.  It takes about 10 hours to fully recharge a collar. An adaptor puts into a port to recharge a collar. 

Dogtra Bark Collar YS500 review


The collar does not have extra long probes like Tri Tronics Bark Limiter G3. Extra long probes cost 20 $, I think if you would like to buy a collar with large probes that pay your attention to the other collars.

Dogtra Bark Collar YS500 review


Advantages of collar are powerful control, rechargeable battery, scratch pad for test, progressive mode.
Disadvantages of collar are heavyweight,  extra long probes are non-availability for free.

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