dog bark collar reviews Dog bark collar reviews

The best dog bark collar

If you know how each type of bark collar works that you realize the best and the most effective bark collar for your dog. The best branded anti-bark collars are : Petsafe, Innotech, TriTronics, SportDOG, Dogtra, Dogtek.  These bark collars have vibration and sound sensors to identify a bark. A collar indentifies vibration in the throat of dog when he is going to bark and differentiates sound from bark each time. When both of sensors detect bark it reacts by sending the dog an unpleasant signal. After a few days a dog realizes that negative correction can stop only calm behavior. 

Don’t buy cheap bark collars which have only one sensor and indentify bark only by vibration or by sound. Sometimes one sensor defines falsely external noises and can distract your dog. 

Nowadays the most effective types of bark collars are:   citronella dog bark collars, shock bark collars (known as electronic bark collars) and ultrasonic bark collars.


Ultrasonic anti-bark collar


Ultrasonic anti-bark collar control a dog by transmitting high-frequency sound which dogs don’t like. Ears of dog start hurting each time when he barks.  It is safely for humans because they cannot hear ultrasonic sound.  Nevertheless these collars are not so effective as citronella anti - bark collars and shock bark collars. Read article: ultrasonic bark collar reviews
Citronella or lemon anti-bark collars control
Citronella or lemon anti-bark collar

Citronella bark collar

Citronella or lemon anti-bark collars control a dog by sprinkling a spray which dogs don’t like either as ultrasonic sound. You should fill up spray by the refill periodically, sometimes it’s not convenient.   These collars control a dog better than ultrasonic collars but less effective than shock (electronic) bark collars.  Read article: citronella bark collar reviews


Dog shock collar


The most effective and the best of all types is shock anti- bark collar, because static shock can stop barking as a small dog as a large (big) dog.  People are afraid of static shock because they think that these collars hurt dogs. Generally these collars have levels of correction which can effective control your dog.  Petsafe, Innotech, TriTronics, SportDOG, Dogtra, Dogtek are actively selling shock bark collars. Read article: shock collar reviews

So now you know what type of bark collar is the best, but you should to know that when you choose bark collar for your dog , you should be taken into account breed of your dog, age, size.  On the packaging of every bark collar you find instruction, recommendation and restriction of use. For example shock anti-bark collar doesn’t recommend for puppies. 

When it comes to use bark collars many people are interested in ‘how to’. So if you are going to buy bark collar for a dog, or already have bought that you need to know easy things for use. Simple dog collar and bark collar control are very similar. Put it on your dog as you put dog collar. You can put it on yourself and start barking to understand what level of control will be more convenient for your dog. A static shock collar sends out a mild shock without any hurt.  Don’t use leash when you walk with your pet. If your dog has long hair, cut it around neck.  


1. Try to buy bark collar with dual sensors.
2. Don’t buy cheap anti-bark collar with one sensor.
3. The most effective type of bark collars is shock (electronic) bark collar.
4. Every product has instruction, recommendation and restriction of use.
5. The best branded collars are: Petsafe, Innotech, TriTronics, SportDOG, Dogtra, Dogtek.

I think website about dog bark collar reviews will help you. 


  1. I would like to tell you a little story about my best bark collar for my dog. We had problems with our neighbors who called the police three times to my house. I finally decide do something to solve the problem. I knew some terrible story about the bark collar, but there was no way, I bought SportDog 10R.

    This collar has 3 options to control a dog. The first, the shock increases when my dog starts barking and reduces when the dog becomes quite. The collar remember the level which stopped barking last time and use the same level next time your dog starts barking. This is a basic and default program, but I found it too harsh.

    The second option begins at the lowest level of correction and increases until your dog stops barking, but next time the collar starts from the lowest level too. We found this program more pleasant for our dog and use it.

    The third option allows me to select the level independently and uses it each time. I decide to use the second option and find it humane.

    I compared this collar with Tritronics and Remington, but three options of control and the rechargeable battery sold us to buy it. The first collar only gives current level of static shock, the second, is a new brand and I did not find user reviews.

    It takes some time getting used the bark collar. Your dog may behave unusually until find out how to work a bark collar.

  2. We used spray and ultrasonic device. They both have effect for short time period and our terrier barks again and again. He learned to ignore them. Every day we needed to refill spray collar and life of battery lasted 2 weeks. He started to resist spray, and after 2 weeks fully ignored ultrasonic sound.

    We tried to use a shock collar to stop barking. We used 6 v shock collar, but it was so punishing for him. Then we changed the collar and bought the Petsafe little dog bark collar. This collar was great for him.

    The dog becomes a good boy and doesn’t scream in pain after correction. The battery is not rechargeable, but it the best collar for my small dog that I have bought.

  3. As someone who has lived next door to a howling Malamut for 4 years - an average of 15 days every month of continuous howling for 1- 9 hours whenever the dog was left alone in a locked house, I can say that electric collars have to be used consistently and monitored systematically. Unless you are logging the results, how else are you to know what settings to use. If you start with a low setting then the dog will get de-sensitised to the shock. All of this shouldn't be a replacement for proper training of the dog.