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SportDog Bark Collar 10-R review

The SportDog 10R is one of the best shock bark collar. It has dual sensors: a sound sensor and a vibration sensor to avoid false noises. A smart control detects needed level of correction to stop dog from barking.  The SportDog Bark Collar 10R has a longevous rechargeable battery.

SportDog Bark Collar 10-R review

Rechargeable battery

The battery has an old technology Nickel Metal Hydride, but the battery keeps longer than the Lithium Polymer which has Dogtra YS-300. The port for an adapter is located on the bottom of the collar. It takes about four hour to recharge the battery and goes on one or two months. A green light shows that the battery is fully charged. 

SportDog Bark Collar 10-R review

Bark sensors

Dual sensors help to detect a bark ignoring external sounds. A vibration sensor is integrated into one of the prongs and detects a vibration in the dog’s throat. Vibration sensors are effective because they avoid false sounds as barks of other dogs or other sounds. The device also has a sound sensor to detect the dog barking noises. Superposing the vibration sensor and the sound sensor correctly control barking, when only both of sensors detect a vibration and a sound of a bark then it sends off a static shock.


The display is located on the one size of the collar. The collar has a single button which is used to control the functionality. You need to read an instruction to realize how to control the collar.

  1. You can find out the current status of collar by pressing the button.
  2. Short holding the button switches on or off the device.
  3. Protractedly holding the button switch levels of correction.
SportDog Bark Collar 10-R review


The SportDog 10R has 3 modes and 10 levels of correction. You can select these modes:

Learning correction. That mode learns a behavior of your dog and adapts to the temperament. The mode identifies allowable level of correction to stop barking. The smart system detects the level of correction which can stop a dog from barking, then reduce the level to find out the most effective level of correction. This mode is good for customers who buy the collar and need to know the most effective and safe level to control a dog. This mode also learns your dog to be submissive.

User selected correction. That mode allows selecting one of ten levels to control your dog. When dog barks that the level of correction which you select will be triggered every time. This mode is useful when your dog has been trained and only need a reminder.

Progressive correction. The mode increases the level of correction every time a dog barks. This mode increases one level every 30 seconds if dog barks and reduce one level when dog does not bark.


The SportDog 10R is one of the best shock bark collar. It has dual sensors to allow control a dog more effectively ignoring false noises. Well-designed prongs can be used with long-haired and short-haired dogs. Three modes and ten levels help you to select the most effective level of control. The long-life rechargeable battery is a good addition to the general characteristics.

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