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Dog bark collar

Welcome to website about dog bark control collars. This website helps you choose bark collar for your dog and you realize how it works. If you have already bought a dog bark collar you can share and write your review. Find out what kind of bark collar you like: dog shock collar reviews, citronella bark collar reviews, ultrasonic bark collar reviews

Bark control collars are popular nowadays.  If you cannot teach to stop barking your dog or do not have much time to do it that a dog bark collar can help you. A bark collar is the one of the most effective way to wean the dog from barking. An anti-bark collar is completely harmless to the animals, it can be used everywhere. A collar is safe as for your dog as for another animals in your house. 

Dog bark collars are easy to use and you quickly realize how to put it on your pet.  You do not need to control it, you do not need to have special skills or training. An anti-bark collar is compact and effective as for large dogs as for small dogs. It helps your dog learn to be calm in your absence.

How does dog bark collar work? 

An anti-bark collar begins to have effect only if your dog's barking. The effect can be different and depends on type of collars. A collar can use citronella or lemon spray, shock or sound\vibration to stop barking. Dog bark collars have functions for control your pet. You can select the level of correction for your dog. Level of correction depends on a breed of dog, age, level of aggressive. If dog doesn’t stop barking that impact of the collar increases automatically. The effect of the collar reduces when a dog stop barking. 

At the first time the collar may be unusual for your pet. A dog may be frightened, jumps, runs or tries to undress it.  It takes few days that your dog gets used to the bark control collar.
A dog is smart animal. He starts to realize that the impact of the collar can stop only calm behavior.  On the one hand it trains your pet without your participation. On the other hand barking is not only aggressive, barking sound from dog is a communication too.
When does dog bark control collar can help you ?

-  your pet is aggressive outdoor.
-  your dog does not stop barking when stay alone and you have complaints from neighbors.
-  you are going to travel and take dog
-  you have guests at home
-  you cannot sleep at night
- your dog barks continuously

How to choose the best bark collar for your dog.


Maybe you thought about buying dog bark collar but didn’t know how to choose it correctly. If you know what type of bark collar is the most effective you easy to choose the best dog bark collar for your dog. So read another interesting article: The best dog bark collar. It helps you get right product. 

What is an anti-bark collar ?

An anti-bark collar (or bark collar) is simple collar with electronics which have sensors to detect a bark of dog. There are 3 types of collars: citronella bark collars, shock collars, ultrasonic collars and devices. Depending on the type of collar, can uses citronella, static shock, ultrasonic to stop dog from barking. Throughout the world, not everyone is able to wean the dog from barking so collars were developed to help owners.

Why does a dog bark ? Do you need to buy a bark collar to train a dog not to bark. 


According to the scientists research the dogs bark at the moment when feel the emotional experiences of joy or fear:  joy or aggressive when somebody comes in, anger, longing for the owner, fear of closed spaces, fear of loneliness, etc. You can train a dog the off command to stop a dog from barking or pay for professional dog training if you can do it by yourself. The training really helps your dog to be calm. But the dog from time to time will still bark inherently. It's a long-term process to wean the dog from barking.

The cheapest way finds out how to train a dog the off command at home. Everyday when your dog starts to bark you need to stop it according to the off command technique. That technique you have to use everyday to solve problem. This method requires constant supervision of the dog, each member of the family has to forbade barking.

You can buy a bark collar if you cannot wean a dog from barking and don’t have a lot of money for professional training. You can not use it constantly, but to teach your dog to control his barking. When the dog barks, the collar starts to work and the maximum is trying to prevent barking. A dog realizes that collar detects bad behavior and send out static shock, citronella or ultrasonic. If dog cannot resist citronella, ultrasonic or static shock that a dog stops barking and the collar stops working. After time the dog becomes accustomed to be quiet, you can take off a collar.

Types of bark collars.

Each of the collars was developed by studying the behavior of dogs. All collars are developed to prevent barking, but the methods of influence one the dogs are different.

Shock collars

The shock collars prevent barking by electric shock. On the collar is located the prongs which fixed on the neck of the dog and send static shock.

Citronella collars

Citronella collars have a spray which emits citronella every time when dog barks. The collar has a capacity for filling citronella. The citronella is sprayed on the face of a dog. The dogs do not like the smell of citronella, but repeated use can produce a habit, the dog can get used to the smell.

Ultrasonic bark collars and devices

Ultrasonic collars prevent barking by ultrasound which hears dog, but people don’t hear. In practice mainly uses ultrasonic devices which may be used as wall mounted.
What kind of bark collar to buy for your dog

These tips help you to buy the appropriation collar and you find out how to differ quality and poor quality collars.  We recommend you to pay attention on 2 types of collars: citronella collars and shock collars. The shock collars are the most effective for every breed of dogs. The citronella bark collars may be a good alternative to the shock collars. The citronella bark collars are good choice for small dogs but not always for large dogs.

Now I would like to tell about important features and parameters you should pay attention when you will buy the bark collar for your dog.

1. Price and Quality. If you visit Amazon or Ebay you can find many offers with different price between couple of dollars and couple of hundred dollars. A large range of products complicate the task of selecting the desired collar. Externally collars are similar to each other, but the design is not so important as the internal electronics. What you can expect from cheap collar:

False alarm. Every bark collar has one sensor or dual sensors. The collar starts working when the sensors have detected a bark. The cheap bark collars have one sensor as usual and old technology to determinate a bark. One bad sound sensor as usual detects false noises like chewing a bone, barking from other dogs, the noise of cars and etc. These collars can harm your dog.

Misinformation your dog. The collar can confuse a dog when it detects false alarm. An incorrect operation of the collar causes misunderstanding your dog. That may affect behavior of the dog in the future. This confusion will be associated with chewing bone, external noises, noise of cars.

Avoid cheap collars unknown manufacturers to prevent fears and incorrect behavior of your dog in the future.

No way to track the effectiveness of the collar. Many cheap collars have no alerting systems when the bark collar starts working. It is hard to track the effectiveness of the collar. Warning system can basically be accompanied by vibration, sound or light. For example, the owner hears the sound of the collar in the process when dog is barking and see the effectiveness.

Lack of new technologies. New technologies are being developed to help the owner who first uses the collar to get a semi-automatic or automatic control of the dog. Many of the average price collars have automatic control modes. For example, learning mode depends on behavior of dog. That mode finds the most effective level of correction for your dog. It really helps novice owners to select the right level of control. If the current level of correction can not stop barking, the system automatically switches up to higherlevel . The level of correction automatically decreases when the dog is calm.

2. Brand. Brand collars are now showing good results and increase the number of satisfied customers. Among the good brand collars I can advise Petsafe, Dogtra, Sportdog, Tri-Tronics.

The Petsafe. The company Petsafe develops very good products for dogs: collars and devices. Many offers are from shock collars to ultrasonic devices to stop dog from barking. The prices are acceptable from cheap to more expensive. The Petsafe collars can be regarded as a budget option. They have citronella collars and shock collars which work very effectively. The Petsafe has a quality support. You can find a video on YouTube or read the manual about your bark collar.

The Sportdog is another famous brand that develops and produces bark collars for dogs. Their products more fit for medium and large dogs. Basically collars have good electronics, new technologies and show a very good result.

The Tri-Tronics is well-known company to deal with barking dogs. The Tri-Tronics produces dog shock collars and dog training collars. The Tri-Tronics is famous their powerful dog shock collars with new great technologies for advanced users.

3. The size of your dog. You will need to pay attention on the size of your dog when you choose a bark collar. Why is it important? Firstly, each collar has weight. If you buy heavyweight bark collar for small dog that it can lead to frequent overloading. Secondly, each collar has allowable strap size. As usual the strap is non-removable. Thirdly, dog bark collar should fit snugly on the neck, it should not hang out or squeeze. Therefore pay attention on the allowable size of the collar.

4. Body and weight of bark collar. As already mentioned, the weight of the collar has a big role, but also the body has an equally important role. On the body generally is placed buttons and switches to regulate the collar. If your dog is very active: loves to wag his head or rolls over, plays with other dogs that buy a collar with fewer buttons on the body. The dog inadvertently may in motion switch on or switch off the collar, change the level of correction, etc. The body has a protective function of the electronics which is located inside. There are metal and plastic bodies. A metal body is more practical, and a plastic body is more brittle.

5. Sensors. The sensors detect dog barking. The efficiency depends on the quality of the collar sensors. The bark collars have one sensor (sound or vibration) or dual sensors (sound and vibration).

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