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Innotek BC-50B bark collar review

The Innotek BC-50B is a cheap anti-bark collar of an expensive version Innotek BC-200 Bark collar. The price is lower due to limitations of the functionality. The levels of correction are not controlled. Sometimes the collar does not determine the dog barking because it has a low sensitivity. I found out that the collar has short life battery.

Bark sensor

The collar has one vibration sensor, it is better then a sound sensor, detecting a bark in the dog’s throat. The sensor is inbuilt into prongs of the collar. Better way when the collar has a special separate probe or pad to detect a collar. Therefore, this technology is less effective to deter a dog from barking. I have found out the collar does not always work well and sometimes does not respond to a bark. In general it is the main drawback when the collar is not doing its job

Innotek BC-50B review

The battery

The battery is included, the price of battery is about 5$. The battery is a cheap, but the battery’s life of waiting for something to be desired. It lasts one month then you need to buy new one.
Due to the fact that the collar is not controlled, you can not switch off the collar just get out the battery from time to time.

Innotek BC-50B review


You can use that collar on all dogs but long-haired dogs, because prongs have medium size.

Innotek BC-50B bark collar review

Bark correction

 The Innotek BC-50B has 6 levels of correction, which automatically reduce and increase. The collar does not have any controller to select needed level of correction. I would have liked to control the collar manually.

The collar does not have a sound or tone signal to show in the action. The collar has a light indicator to identify the action. Sometimes it’s inconvenient to look always at the flashing light.


The advantage is only a cheap price and lightweight, in general the price is not in value, I recommend you to find better an anti-bark collar. Click on link dog shock collar reviews to choose a bark collar for you. 

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