dog bark collar reviews Dog bark collar reviews

Dogtra Bark Collar YS300 review

The Dogtra YS300 is a small cousin of the Dogtra YS500 which at first sight looks like the same, but it has differences not only in a size. The Dogtra YS300 is a good choice for dogs over 10 pounds. The device slightly inferiors in the functionality than the YS300, but fractionally offset a vibrating feature. The device uses only on small sized dogs, so it’s hard to say something about the effectiveness on large sized dogs like pitbulls, boxers and others. 

Bark sensor

The Dogtra YS300 has a microphone to detect a bark unlike the Dogtra YS500 which uses a vibration sensor. A microphone sensor is less effective to identify a bark than a vibration sensor. A single sound sensor detects differences noises like barks of other dogs. Therefore do not get that collar if you have more than one dog at home. 

Dogtra Bark Collar YS300 review

Level of correction

The collar has 6 levels of correction and 2 modes. First of all I would like to talk about modes. The first mode which you have already seen is a mode P. If you select the mode P that the collar will be vibrate only. The second mode is a mode T. The mode T or a testing mode induces the microphone to detect a bark more sensitive. 
Dogtra Bark Collar YS300 review

Also I have found a video for you to show how to test the collar by yourself.

The battery

The battery of the collar is rechargeable like the Dogtra YS500, but has more powerful lithium polymer battery. A recharge time takes only 2 hours and lasts one week. The battery of that collar is an unconditional advantage.

Dogtra Bark Collar YS300 review

Interesting feature

The YS300 has an interesting vibration feature that does not have the YS500. At first the collar vibrates and then sends out a static shock.


 The Dogtra YS300 fits for dogs over 10 pounds. The advantage of the collar is the powerful battery. The disadvantages connect with a single sound sensor which detects barks from other dogs too. If you have 2 dogs at home you have look for a while at shock collar reviews and get the right device.

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